About Us

ECH Baby Organic is a specialized baby food online store selling premium and high quality baby food products. We are careful and only source for the best baby food for our little ones. ECH Baby Organic is managed by EC Health Global Sdn Bhd (1421314-W). We are the authorized Sole Distributor for Little Étoile Organic® products in Malaysia. All our Little Étoile Organic® products are manufactured and imported from Australia. For further information, kindly write to us at info@ec-health-global.com.my.

One of life’s greatest joy is raising our babies to be happy, healthy, bright little stars or ‘etoiles’ as they say in French. We are a team of research scientists, nutritionists, mothers, and fathers. The health and nourishment of our babies is at the heart of our company, as we carefully curate premium quality organic baby food and expert formulas for pregnant and lactating mothers, infants and toddlers. We value ingredients that are safe, clean, organically sustainable and have the highest nutritional integrity. Backed by 20 years of nutrition science expertise, we provide what we believe to be the crème de la crème for infant nutrition. Together, we’ll keep our little étoiles happy, healthy, and shining evermore.


A little story about LITTLE ÉTOILE ORGANIC®


Little Étoile Organic® is the baby of Max Biocarea proudly Australian owned natural healthcare company since 2000. Specialising in women’s and children’s health, it was a natural progression to welcome baby food to our assembly. The Little Étoile Organic® team is comprised of research scientists and nutritionists, mothers and fathers, passionate about the health and nourishment of babies and children. We place enormous value on clean and safe ingredients, nutritional integrity, and organic sustainable ingredients. With these values plus years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, the concept of Little Étoile was born, driven to make life easier for Australian parents without compromising on quality, taste or nutrition.


One special day BACK IN APRIL 2017...


One of the mums in our team raised an interesting question:

“We have natural medicines and supplements for specific needs of babies and kids, but how about their everyday nutritional needs? Wouldn’t it be great if we could supply the world with quality food for babies that is naturally good, just like our other products?”

That’s how Little Étoile Organic was born. Little Étoile means “little star” in French. Our products are totally natural, certified organic, with just the right balance and just naturally great tasting. Australian-made baby food that provides the nutrition to help your little stars grow and shine – “Happy, Healthy and Bright”